Math’s Homework

Today we practiced how to multiply two digit numbers, before we move on to multiplying three digit numbers. I would really appreciate it if you could complete the following mathematical questions (by commenting below) and we will look at them in more detail on Monday.

a) 43×78=
b) 10×15=
c) 34×65=
d) 45×10=
e) 56×97=

If you need any extra help, use the video tutorial below.

Thank you,
Miss Mendes



cropped-australian_flag.jpgThe topic that won in the online poll was Counties. Before we learn more about different countries, culture, languages and traditions, please bring along some information about your family’s background.

Some questions you may like to answer are:
1. Where were my parents or grandparents born?
2.Can your family speak more than one language? Which languages?
3. What are some of the traditional foods your family eats?
4. On which continent does that country appear?
5. Does your family celebrate any special traditions?

Please be ready to share your information with your friends. I have included a link below that you can use to find some extra information, if you need.

I am so excited to hear and learn about all the different cultures in our class.
Miss Mendes

Your choice?

bubbleThis week I have decided to let the class participate in an online poll that will decide what we learn next.This is were you will be able to choose from five topics and the one that receives the most votes will be what we learner about next.

Please choose wisely and only vote ONCE.
Thank you,
Miss Mendes



Welcome Year 4J to our classroom blog. This blog will have information about all the things we are going to be learning this year. Please feel free to add information and part take in all interactive activities posted.

Thank you for being a special part of our class,
Miss Mendes